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On helping people with their career

A quick story about Catamyst


To accelerate people's career growth, continuously

Because conventional and traditional education usually stops when you're graduated. That could be frustating for learners and how they will face the reality of modern workforce.

With us, your journey never ends even after you finished learning, practice the lessons, and build your projects. We care about your career growth in the long term. Get high-quality mentorship. Update your portfolio projects. You can always come back again to hone or relearn your skills.

We build a community for learners and professionals for you to connect and join the discussions with members all around the world. Find development teammates. Apply for jobs and freelance offers. Build your own business venture. Everything is integrated into one place.

The hope is for everyone to continuously growing as a better person, both in career and life.


To work together

People of Catamyst are a team of education, development, and design enthusiasts.


To take time of your learning progress

Everyone could have different focus and preferences. With Catamyst you don't have to worry about time limit and over intensive schedule. So, this is not a coding bootcamp.

Learn at your own pace. You might want to dedicate all your time to learn and finish all lessons in 1-3 months then applying for jobs as soon as possible. But if you still have full-time jobs, you can also learn part-time for about 3-6 months. Else, maybe even more. So you are free to set your own learning schedule.

You can start for free or go with pro. But no more paying an overly expensive price tag. There is also no need to worry about having your salary cut after employed to pay bootcamp debt. We try to keep things fair and affordable.

Learning should not be limited to location and citizenship. With Catamyst, you do not have to worry about your location. You can learn anywhere, anytime. While having the high quality of software engineering education.


To accelerate

What’s in the name? We got the inspiration from the word “catalyst”

Catalyst means “to accelerate a progress”

In chemistry, a catalyst is a substance that enables or accelerates a chemical reaction. We aspire to be the catalyst for you to accelerate your career growth as a professional software developer. Therefore, the name Catamyst was chosen.

Coincidentally, the word also contains a “cat”

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