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Learning Tracks

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Portfolio Projects

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Private Mentorship

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Ahmad Marzuki

Ahmad Marzuki

Software Engineer at Accompany

ID FlagIndonesia

If you're looking to learn software engineering with a dedicated private mentor who have literally more than 10,000 hours of experience, Catamyst is the place. I didn’t have any coding background before. But here I've learned and comprehended several year's worths of software engineering materials to get a freelance project and even a decent job!

Jonathan Nicolas

Jonathan Nicolas

Freelance Web Developer

CA FlagCanada

With Catamyst I've learned and practiced a lot of latest web development stack such as JavaScript, Node.js, React, Redux, database, deployment, Amazon Web Services, Docker, and more. Altogether with actual mentor. Using those I created my own projects, Nawaart and Sneakergram. Now I’m able to establish a software project, although previously I'm coming from finance industry.

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Highly skilled mentor with extensive professional real world experience.

M Haidar Hanif

M Haidar Hanif

Software Engineer and Educator

Haidar is a passionate educator who has more than 10 years of professional experience in both software engineering and mentoring. He has been helping hundreds of people transitioned into tech careers by mentoring them mainly in web application development using various up-to-date fundamentals and technologies.

What you can
learn and practice

A complete list of what you will learn to build real world and complete projects. All in seamless order for proper mastery learning. According to the career path you're aiming.

Web Application Development

Learn and practice both the fundamental concepts and specific tools you can use to build high-quality websites and web applications. Master your strengths in problem-solving and build projects that could leverage you to land a decent job or a freelance offer. Even to build your own software business.

The tech stack* covers all from frontend (what users see and use) to backend (data of the users), that's why it is often called full stack.

*stack means a list of all the concepts, tools, and technologies used to build and run a software or application.

Available Levels

There are around 350 lessons in total of this "Web Application Development" track. As you have your own preference, allocated time, and final goal; therefore lessons are divided into 3 different levels. Every lessons in each levels combine particular fundamental concepts, specific technologies, and practical projects. Going further, it would be more challenging and exciting!

Beginner Beginner Level

48% or ~170 lessons

Expected to finish in 1-2 months

  • YesFundamentals
  • YesCareer Development
  • YesUI/UX Design
  • YesFrontend

Intermediate Intermediate Level

70% or ~250 lessons

Expected to finish in 2-3 months

  • YesFundamentals
  • YesCareer Development
  • YesUI/UX Design
  • YesFrontend
  • YesWeb API
  • YesFrontend Advanced

Advanced Advanced Level

100% or 350 lessons

Expected to finish in 3-6 months

  • YesFundamentals
  • YesCareer Development
  • YesUI/UX Design
  • YesFrontend
  • YesWeb API
  • YesFrontend Advanced
  • YesBackend
  • YesDatabase
  • YesInfrastructure

Fundamental Concepts

Around 30 fundamental concepts of the most industry-relevant skills that applicable for professional job. From the very basic foundation to the most advanced principles. Your current skills and experiences might affect your preferences too. Here we help you to strengthen this part as a long term essential skills.

Preparation and Setup
Website and Application
Skills and Principles
Problem Solving and Critical Thinking
Technical Knowledge
User Interface (UI) Design
User Experience (UX) Design
Project Tracking and Management
Code and Documentation
Terminal and Command Line
Repository and Version Control
Development and Deployment
Frontend Implementation
Teamwork and Communication
Computational Thinking
Algorithm and Data Structure
Logic and Programming
Personal Branding and Profile
Professional Work
Application Programming Interface (API)
Programming Paradigms
Software Design and Architecture
Backend Implementation
Database Management System
Security, Encoding, and Encryption
Testing and Automation
Cloud Computing Infrastructure
Business and Entrepreneurship

Specific Tools and Technologies

More than 40 specific tools and technologies that highly relevant to apply the fundamental concepts you have learned into real practice to build projects. The selection of usage depends on what levels you're on. This track focuses on JavaScript programming language ecosystem; especially Node.js, React, Redux, and Express. By focusing, you can be more efficient and effective on building the actual projects and honing your skills.


Practical Projects for Porfolio

More than 30 websites and applications of projects from the easiest to the hardest. You can build several ones you’re most interested in or build them all. You can also choose and implement your own project ideas. Possibilities will be determined by the amount of skills you’ve gained while learning the fundamental concepts with specific tools and technologies.

Personal Website
Company Profile
News Portal
Image Gallery
Video Channel
Music Player
Number Counter
Math Calculator
Option Voter
Countdown Timer
Rock Paper Scissors
Todo List
Address Book
Shopping Cart
Trivia Quiz
Contact Form
Chat Box
Weather Information
Bookmark Organizer
Travel Exploration
Cooking Recipe
Inventory Management
Knowledge Encyclopedia
URL Shortener
Social Media
Community Forum
Property Listing
Help Desk
Event Management
Expert Consultation
Shopping Ecommerce
Crowd Fundraising
Job Portal
Your Own Idea

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